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Boron Nitride

Boron NitrideIt is a kind of white loose powder. The chemical characters are similar to those of graphite. It has excellent electric insulation, thermal conductivity and chemical corrosion resistance. It finds use as a high temperature solid lubricant. It takes on insert state to almost all the molten metal with its stable chemical properties. Boron Nitride resists inorganic acid, alkaline and salt solutions as well as organic agents.

It can be used as high temperature solid lubricant and many kinds of parting agent of precision molding products, high temperature resistant, anticorrosive boron nitride and boron nitride compound ceramics., compression resistant and high temperature resistant lubricating grease, all kinds of high temperature resistant, anticorrosion coating, insulator for high pressure high frequency electricity and plasma arc., oxidizing additive for refractory materials.

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