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Attapulgite (another name Palygorskite), is a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral.
To look like soil or compact l\blocks;
With some dim mercerization, to be white, hoar, caesious or celadon in color;
Fine powder and a bit greasy smooth, light in weight, brittle, and the fractured surface in shells or in irregular shapes; cracks in dry condition; it collapses soaked in water. The suspending liquid does not create so liquids and precipitates, when meeting electrolytes.

Typical application:

It is a kind of salt-resistance, absorption and cohesion product.
To be used as the adhesive agent, binder, thickener, etc. of mineral wool insulation panel, molecular sieve, thermal insulating material, painting, foundry coating, etc., as well as the catalyst carrier and the suspending agent of liquid fertilizer.

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